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Plan to Reopen Rincón’s Marina Under Review

The municipality of Rincón has submitted a proposal to the Puerto Rico Planning Board to re-open the former marina.

The Municipality of Rincón has recently acquired the Marina de Rincón property. The Municipality envisions to re-open the marina, which has been closed since 2000, and proposes a re-design of the entrance channel in order to address the sand erosion/accretion issues raised in the past for this project.

The proposal is currently in review with the Puerto Rico Coastal Zone Management Program and is available for your review to prepare comments. You can find the notice here. Public hearings have not been scheduled; however a request for public hearings can be requested in comment letters.

Comments are accepted for 30 days following the notice released on September 23. Comments and recommendations can be submitted either by mail or e-mail to the Planning Board. The application number of this proposal must be cited in your letter or email – CZ-2019-0213-073

For more information about this project, check out the Permit Application No. SAJ-1992-50067 (SP-DCM).

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